Thursday, March 27, 2008

It's that most wonderful time of the year...

The first baby gift we ever got was from our friend Amy and her family. They gave us the softest, sweetest baby blanket with puppy dogs that, to this day, lives in Danny's crib. He loves it. But the best part was the card where little six year old Alice wrote something like "Baby, you're the Charm!"

Is that not so sweet? And she was oh so right. (It's uncanny how she knew our baby would be a charm when Su hadn't even reached her 8th week of pregnancy yet!)

Yes, Alice. Danny is a charm. And not just our charm--turns out he's a charm for the Washington Nationals too. Last year we took him to 6 games and they won all six. (This pic to the left was taken at the Nat's final game at RFK in September.)

So Saturday night, the Nationals will play the Baltimore Orioles in an exhibition game at our brand new Nationals Stadium. We'll be there with "the Charm" and can't wait. Maybe if they keep winning the Nationals will start paying us to go?

No pressure Danny. No pressure. Just keep being your charming self! -Monica

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