Monday, July 28, 2008

All the right things for the wrong reason

Yeah!!!!Tonight we are going to feast on succulent pork tenderloin, roasted red potatoes, assorted veggies and a tantalizing home made fruit pie. Sounds wonderful right?

Well, the reason we are having this feast (AKA an epicurean delight) is that I accidentally left the freezer door ajar last night. The meat, veggies and fruit were pretty soft by the time we discovered my error, so a complete inventory was conducted and the tossing of many items ensued. It wasn't a happy morning.

On the bright side, Susanne is home with Danny today so she’s cooking up all this wonderful stuff now.

On then not so bright side, sadly the ice cream didn’t make it.

Not that I really deserve any ice cream after the great Meltdown of ’08. –Monica

P.S. We had a wonderful weekend—a picnic with new friends, and then a visit to Waldorf where we shopped like mad for clothes with the help of someone with actual style. To top it all off, Danny got to “swim” with his good friend Bailey. Yeah!


Matt Siemer said...

Oh, delicious! That sounds like a very nice meal. The roasted red potatoes sound especially enticing--what sort of spices do you add to such things?

I enjoy a diced onion, garlic, basil, a touch of rosemary, and sea salt. Only bounders and cads wrinkle their noses at such a delicious combination!

Susanica said...

Hi Matt! Wow, you put great stuff in your potatoes. You are definitely not a cad! But what the heck is a bounder? Susanne always just seems to get herbs out of our herb garden and makes everything delicious. (we had potted herbs as our centerpieces at our wedding and they are now a lush garden.) I think I'll have her have a roasted potato discussion when she's back at work with you tomorrow! -M

Xbox4NappyRash said...

I am absolutely going to use that tactic!

Matt Siemer said...

Lucky! I wish I had an herb garden. All we have is a collection of three pots, one of which is currently holding a chamomile plant that is surely dying.

A bounder? It's an oaf, of course, but it also implies a hereditary slowness of thought. In the 1930's, calling someone "a bounder and a cad" was a common insult amongst New York gangersters.