Thursday, July 24, 2008

Table 1 - Danny 0

So last night Danny was in his high chair as I was cleaning up after supper while Su was out picking up a few groceries. I decided to give him a bit more banana (he hadn’t eaten much of his supper and I thought he’d appreciate it.) Did he ever!

He shrieked with joy as I approached with the banana, and then proceeded to throw his head down with incredible glee. Right on to the very hard table. Oh our poor, poor baby! He was stunned, and I raced to him not sure exactly where he was most hurt. His nose? His mouth? A little scary.

I got him out of the straps and he was still just stunned--not a sound. I could see some blood on his mouth and on his shirt and held him close trying to comfort him when he let out the loudest scream I’d ever heard. Our poor, poor baby.

Fortunately the screaming quickly diminished to whimpering. Upon closer inspection I could see that it was his lip that was bleeding. We went to the freezer and got out the little children’s ice pack which he proceeded to put in his mouth. Normally, not really allowed, but it this case it was exactly what he needed.

Within minutes he was okay. His lip was a little fat last night but it's already healed this morning. But wow, I was a bit anxious. I kept thinking about how the Redskin’s former quarterback Brad Johnson once head-butted the stadium wall after scoring a touchdown. He was just so excited. Unfortunately he gave himself a concussion. And I don’t think he’s head-butted a wall since. I sure hope Danny learned a similar lesson.
Our poor, poor boy.

Danny and his table in happier times--like his first birthday in May.


C said...

Ouch, poor guy! There is wisdom in those booze commercials: Please celebrate wisely!

Glad he's OK.

And, hearing about kids' chair antics always reminds me of the tale of my brother's first b'day (I wasn't around yet), at which he decided to play peek-a-boo with his paper plate. Before eating the piece of cake that was on it. He mooshed it against his face, then when it came time to peek, slid it up to the top of his head, leaving a big chocolaty trail.

Susanica said...

Awwww...very cute C. Hope all is going well as you prepare for your transition westward! -M