Thursday, July 03, 2008

The Eyes Have It!

I do not believe that neither Susanne nor I is colorblind. That being said, just about everything that I think is grey she believes to be beige, (or is it the other way around?) and everything that I believe is dark blue she believes to be black.

And we both register complete disbelief at the others' perception every single time.

On the bright side, perhaps she perceives my greying hair to be beige ;-) Can one have beige hair? -Monica


C said...

You need to change your blog info to reference Monica the beigehead.

Good news from this end! I found out last week that I've been accepted to UCLA, so instead of being a 5 hour flight from Lucy, it'll be a mere 2 hour drive! Huzzah!

Susanica said...

Hi C! That is fantastic news! Huzzah indeed. Two hours is nothing more than 2 Indigo Girls' CDs right. Yeah! I'll think about changing my blog info to saying Beigehead.

Nope. Rejected already ;-)Again, many congrats on your great news! -Monica

Steve and Val said...

So I'm totally blog-stalking y'all, after my Aunt Amy (brenengen) linked up to y'alls blog.
Okay - so quick intro: My name is Valerie.

I pretty much love your blog. I've literally laughed out loud while reading it.

And I love this post. My husband, Steve, and I have the same color issue! With grays and beiges particularly, but also with dark blue and black. Interesting.

Well I'm glad to know I'm not the only one! Happy blogging!