Monday, December 01, 2008

Where did the saying "under the weather" come from?

I mean, aren't we always technically under the weather? Think about it.

Hope you all had a great weekend. Thanksgiving was great fun visiting Danny's grandma, but now we are back and I think I've got the vapors or something. My throat is almost All American--Red, White and, well, at least it's not Blue too. Then I'd be really worried.

As it is, I'm just tired and blah. On the plus side I did stay home from work and with a visit to the docs learned that it's not strep. On the minus side, there is now no known bacteria I can blame for this so I'll stick to the saline solution, tylenol, salt water gargling and Sudafed regime.

Danny and Su are fine though which is good news. Oh no. Looks like I'm too weary to finish this blog pos.............

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nutella said...

Aww feel better soon! Chicken soup (ie Jewish penecillin) can never be bad.