Monday, December 08, 2008


Yes, the word it Atacomb. It rhymes with catacombs.

As we sat in the living room last night, eighteen month old Danny pulled his little kids chair into the center of the room and proceeded to tell us the most amazing story.

We didn't understand a word of it, but the most important part was the word "atacomb". He'd finish each part of his story with it, shouting with gusto and then look at us expectantly.

So I started repeating it back to him with equal vim and he just cracked up. Over and over he’d yell “atacomb” and I’d yell it right back, each time to delightful squeals.

Then much like C*lbert on the C*lbert Report I started shaking my fist in the air while quietly cursing “ataCOOOMB”. Wouldn’t you know it. Danny started shaking his fist right back at me shouting even louder. All three of us were almost falling off of our chairs laughing.

But what does it mean.? What does little Danny think we have so willingly agreed to? I have a feeling we should be very afraid. –Monica

P.S. Apparently this word has sticking power. I said it again at breakfast this morning and he just lit up!


Jenni said...

You've gotta love baby jargon. Oscar's favorite "word" is "ess-coo-yay." We have no idea what it means, but he says it a lot when he's reading his books.

Shereen said...

This cracked me up. It reminded me of when my baby brother was really a baby, and for about 6 months (and don't ask me how this started), if one of us said 'commentary', he would immediately respond by saying 'compalin', and then dissolve into hysterical laughter. We didn't do it for awhile, and then one day one of us said, "hey Ian - commentary!" And he looked at us as if we were cracked. No idea what we were on about. So enjoy atacomb while it's around...