Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Lesson Learned

While I was out of town for work recently I met a really nice guy I'll call Brice who is from Canada. As we chatted at meals etc...he shared with me that he and his long time partner were in the process of adopting an infant. I was so excited for him and while they are anxiously awaiting that call, the are definitely doing everything they can to prepare for this very lucky little boy or girl.

Well, I shared our blog link with Brice and he wrote back that he enjoyed reading it--he sees it as a real honest look at parenting. This made me feel happy, and also inspired me to try and post every once in a while on "The Things Nobody Tells You". TTNTY. Otherwise known as "Who Knew!"

So...for my inaugural post on TTNTY, here goes...

When you remove a, can I say this...soiled diaper (and I mean #2 soiled diaper) from a child, do not, I repeat, DO NOT place the diaper temporarily on the radiator and then forget about it. Especially not in the winter, or for you up there in Canada, not at any time of the year.

The horrific stench that wafts through the warm air is directly proportional to the quantity and dare I say quality of the contents of the diaper.

There you have it. Another "Thing They Don't Tell You". Stay tuned for next week's installment that will most likely be titled "Catfood". Have a great day! -Monica


prissy said...

along the same lines - goldfish bowls do not belong on the radiator - water boils at high temps!

coming to DC for the inauguration, but will be in and out.

hope you are all well! Merry Christmas! love, prissy

Susanica said...

Hi Prissy! I'll write you off line. Oooohhhh...goldfish bowl. That's definitely worse! -Monica

otrey3 said...

And if you toss the offending diaper in the trash, make sure the trash is not near the radiator either. Peee Yewww!

Sorry to read about Danny's thumb. I was out of the loop for a bit. Glad it's healing up!