Monday, December 22, 2008

Through the eyes of a child...

So my moms brought this amazingly awesome tree (from the outside!) into the house and filled it up with lights and little tiny toys (that they hung from the branches) and shiny stuff!

But they get sort of unhappy if I touch it.

How does that make any sense? I mean if they brought in a huge hot oven or a big old can overflowing with trash it would be easier to understand their worries right?

I mean the only thing meaner would be to decorate only the top half of the tree so I couldn't reach the cool stuff.

On the bright side, they have no idea how well or quickly I can climb. Merry Christmas everyone. I've got a step ladder to construct out of some pretty boxes under the tree! -Danny


Casey said...

Poor kid. We went to my parent's house yesterday and spent the entire time pulling Graham away from the shiny GLASS ornaments on the bottom branches of the tree. He feels your pain, Danny.

Susanica said...

Well if Graham is pulling ornaments off the tree he must be feeling much better from his surgery. Hurray! -Monica

CT said...

This also kind of works if you replace "child" with "cat". Although, if either my cat began constructing step ladders, I won't know whether I should be afraid or take them to the vet to see why they needed it!