Monday, December 15, 2008

Loser Takes All!

When it’s time for Danny to “hit the hay” so to speak, Susanne and I pretty much take turns doing it (although she insists that only I have the magic touch so I should do it all the time). Nice try honey ;-)

Anyway, he tends to go down very easily—a nice big drink of water, brush, brush, brush his teeth, a few minute of rocking and he’s down for the count.

But there are some nights when I will admit that we are both so incredibly lazy that we resort to a little game. As Danny happily plays with his books or toys we agree that whoever he touches next has to put him to bed.

It's pretty funny actually. We both keep encouraging him to go “give mama a hug” or we ask “where’s mommy Danny?” He is pretty oblivious to our game and just ambles about babbling and playing. He’ll often walk around coming with inches of one of us, but doesn’t quite make contact. It’s oddly funny to be rooting against a hug from your sweet little guy, but yup, I admit that we sometimes do this (can you every forgive us Daniel?)

The last time we played, our little game ended when I made the mistake of saying “night night Danny?” and he grabbed a sippy cup from the coffee table to bring to me before collapsing in my arms. So I guess I lost. But not really.



Stimey said...

That is absolutely hilarious. Are you allowed to run away?

I like the games where you win even if you lose.

Susanica said...

Hi Stimey! Nope. No running away allowed. You can however recoil from a reach. But you must do so very very subtly! ;-) -M

Jenn said...

What a lovely game to lose!