Monday, January 05, 2009

Best Frog Forever

Danny has never really had a "must have" toy. This has been a good thing for us no doubt. But sadly this came to an end this weekend when I encouraged him to play with some toys he hadn't played with in a while.

It was magic. Big green fluffy magic. Head over frog legs is how they fell for each other.

Froggy was a gift from some of my co-workers, and as an infant Danny didn't seem to pay it much mind. But now at 19 months, 1 week of age, Froggy is the end all be all.

As I type this, Danny is sleepily dozing on the couch clutching his new BFF like he'll never let go. Part of this may stem from the fact that he's been a bit sick and listless for the last few days, but something tells me that Froggy has taken up a permanent place in his heart. Only time will tell.

In this photo you can see Danny hanging out with a few of his furry friends about a month after he was born. Look at the grin on that green frog. It's like one day he just knew he'd be the one.

I just wish I could stop singing "And They Called it Froggy LoOOove". -Monica


Stimey said...

Cutest. Picture. Ever.

Jenni said...

If I were you, I'd find out where they got that frog and buy at least two more. Oscar's bunny is his lovey now and we needed to get extras so we could wash it. For some reason, loveys get very stinky.

Strawberry said...

How cute! Our nursery theme is frogs and we need to find something like that :)