Monday, January 12, 2009

Stay Tuned!

Does anyone else ever feel the need to step back from all your work and just, what’s the word? Recalibrate?

I think of this like tuning a guitar. Where ever your lowest note (or thickest string on top which is an E) is tuned, you can tune the rest of the guitar to that, but if your E is really out of tune you either end up in a terribly high key that stretches your string too tight (which can cause them to break), or the opposite, a chord so low that the strings easily loosen up and get really out of tune again fast.

Not good right? And even if you pleased with your crappy tuning job if you tried to play with someone else, it would sound really bad.

So. You want to tune using a standard E which you can usually get off of a piano (a well tuned one of course) or a pitch pipe.

And how you may ask does this apply to work? Well for me, I’ve always got several big projects going on at once. And even though I’ve heard the phrase “if everything is important, nothing is important” it doesn’t feel that way when everything has deadlines and dependencies.

So when Monday mornings roll around I often have a strong urge to recalibrate. Write down once again all the things that are looming, do a quick triage and then get started. And then the e-mails and the phone calls and the demands from my favorite muckety mucks can all fit into my well tuned plan.

I just wish I could end the week pretty close to still being in tune, but that hardly ever happens. Oh well, there’s always another Monday. Onward and upward everybody! -Monica


Jenni said...

I have to say, reading this makes me not miss my office job one bit.

CT said...

This may be the first time anyone has ever said, "There's always another Monday" in reference to work.

Larissa said...

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