Thursday, January 15, 2009

Cleverness or Laziness?

This year I had to start wearing reading glasses if I wanted to, say, I don't know, see any puzzle clues, or know what dose of medicine I should actually be giving my child. I'll admit it was an adjustment.

I was forever forgetting where I'd left them and then I'd spend the next 10 minutes exploring the entire house to find them. So, I cleverly got myself three pair. One stays in our bedroom so I can read before going to sleep, one stays on our main level so I can always be "puzzle ready" (and read the newspaper) and the third pair stays in a case in my bag which is with me basically most of the time.

So this morning I got to thinking how I have the same problem with my books. I like to read before going to sleep AND on the Metro and during lunch. And I almost always forget to put my book in my bag. Naaaa...I shouldn't really entertain the thought of getting several copies of any book I'm reading right? That would be crazy right?

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