Wednesday, January 07, 2009

I guess it is possible to be too frugal...

So last night I was watching a TV commercial about how a local food store/pharmacy called Giant is offering free antibiotics to customers from now through March 31st. It's probably a pretty good marketing scheme. The drugs (specifically for bacterial infections) are the generics which are pretty low cost to the store and customers of course need a perscription to get them so it's not like they'll be giving mass amounts of product away for free.

The logic of course is that once they get those customer through the door they will of course do their grocery shopping while picking up their meds and better yet develop a sense of loyalty to Giant.

Which leads me to my embarrasing brilliant idea as I watched the commercial. Honest to God, I fleetingly thought to myself,

"Oh, I hope I get a bacterial infection before March 31st--free medication!"

I can't believe I thought that. And I'm not even the truly frugal one in the family as Su will confirm. Even she had to shake her head at that thought. Frugality or insanity. I'm leaning towards the lunacy side of the scale.

And I must also point out that I know that bacterial infections are no laughing matter. And I really don't want one. Lunacy. From the root word luna or moon. As in howling at the moon. Maybe they should make some of their other medications free too. -Monica

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