Thursday, January 08, 2009

Our little wobbly weeble

I'd mentioned that Danny has been sick for a while now, and we got him into the doctor's yesterday and found out that he has an ear infection. Most likely bacterial (and yes I do get the irony about my most recent post.)

Poor guy. He's just been so miserable he's been waking himself up every night several times because he just can't get comfortable.

So this morning around 4:00 he would not settle back to sleep and we ended up sitting on the couch until he eventually basically slowly tipped over to fall asleep on me. It wasn't the most comfortable position in the world for me but darn if I was going to move an inch.

On the bright side he did start a course of antibiotics so we hope to see some improvement today. A good night's rest will do us all some good. -Monica


Jenn said...

Feel better soon, sweetie, and Yeah! for Mommy laps.

Jenni said...

Pook guy! Oscar had an ear infection last winter and the only way he would sleep was upright on my or Nelson's lap. I hope he's better soon.