Friday, January 02, 2009

Happy (Yawn) New Year!

Lesson learned. When going to a next door neighbor’s house for New Year’s Eve where our toddler son could have slept blissfully upstairs in pack and play and never awakened when carried home, we should never have gotten ourselves a babysitter. We should have taken the dude with us.

A wiser course of action would have been to get a babysitter for New Year’s Day, preferably between the hours of 5:00 am – 9:00 am (let’s make that 10:00 am.)

Because our evening enjoying fabulous conversation and home made cheese fondue while imbibing in bubbly and intoxicating beverages would have been lovely whether Danny were asleep upstairs or while home next door under the watchful eye of grandma.

But our “morning after” was not so lovely when our little fog horn/toddler woke up and started chanting “mama, mama, mama, mama” which crescendoed at 5:15 am. Guess he was just really excited about the New Year.

But overall it was a wonderful New Year’s Eve. Thanks Greg and Meral.

On a related note, I glanced over at the table the other night while making supper and Danny was slouching in a gangly way with his arm tossed over the back of his high chair just sort of nodding his head at me. For the first time ever I think I caught a glimpse of our little guy at age 13 or so. At least he didn’t look surly. Just sort of snarky. That’s better. Right? -Monica


Casey said...

Happy New Year! Sorry about the hangovers and the toddler. I've been there twice before I vowed to NEVER drink again (when the kids will be there in the am).

LT said...

Aw, what a kind way for him to help you ring in the new year. What impeccable timing he has :)

Happy new year you three!