Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Doh! I Could Have Had an XY!

This morning in the letters to the editor of my favorite newspaper, a writer finished his rant over the horror of the possibility of same-sex marriage by writing:

“As for the argument that the supporters of the bill want only the same legal rights everyone else has, they already have it: the right to marry someone of the opposite sex.”

Oh My Gosh! How thoughtless of me. I could totally be legally wed right now if only I could live a lie and marry someone who is male. Brilliant! Yes, this living a lie thing must be the answer!

After all, I’m sure my lucky “Mr. Right” would not have any problem with the fact that I would not be attracted to him. And as a bonus for him, he’d get to spend his life with a very depressed me. Hmmmmm????? That is so not a pretty picture. But what else can I do?

Oh boy! I can’t wait to tell Susanne that even though she and Danny mean everything in the world to me, since I’d like the legal right to be married, I’m going to have to take off now and find myself a man. Golly, I’m sure glad I saw that letter to the editor this morning.

Wait. Hold on a dog gone minute. Now where did I read that living a lie wasn’t a very Christian way to live? Hmmmm??????



Casey said...

It's too bad so many people are idiots. I guess we wouldn't have so much blog fodder if they weren't. Good luck finding Mr. Notsoright. ;)

.heather. said...

You should write a letter in response! It would be fantastic. And published, I'm sure of it. :)