Thursday, May 07, 2009

My name is...and I'm calling from the Internal Revenue Service

Yup, I just got a call from a guy and that's what he said. I happened to be in a meeting with several of my senior managers, but when my cell rang and showed "unknown caller", I stepped immediately to the side of the room to take the call.

You see, to me, "unknown caller" doesn't mean "unknown caller" it means "the police calling from the scene of the accident", or, I don't know, "the IRS".

Now why would I worry about the IRS? I'm very law abiding, do my taxes with the greatest of care, and am basically guitly of nothing. Nothing I know of at least.

That and a few years ago I got a letter in the mail from the IRS that said I owed $19,000 in back taxes for the previous tax year. It was all a big mistake because somehow money that was actually non taxable income from the sale of my house (we picked Susanne's house to keep) got reported as income to the IRS after I opened up some sort of investment annuity. I never really understood the whole mess.

After some calls it got straightened out, but I was on pins and needles waiting for that official letter to come absolving me of all culpability. I'm not one to bank on anything like "a guy named Norman told me on the phone on Friday that I don't have to pay that $19,000 and it's all a big mistake."

So back to today's call.

Yes, the gentleman was calling from the Internal Revenue Service. But he was calling to ask me about a program I run for my agency. Seems he wants to get some training and heard I could help him.

Wheewwwww. Am I breathing again yet?


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