Thursday, May 28, 2009

He's just the sweetest little thing!

Yep. Danny's the big "oh two" today. Happy birthday son! Here is a list of a few of our favorite things:
  • he still says "OH!" instead of "yes" (it's so feaking adorable.)
  • conversely he says "NO" quite clearly ;-)
  • when he wakes up he likes to call out "Hi!" Over and over again. Again adorable.
  • he loves to be outside. He calls it "bye" because that's what someone ususally says when they go outside.
  • speaking of "bye" he likes to call his favorite purple blanky "bye" (or is it "buy" or "by"?) Don't know where that one came from.
  • His sippy cup is his "bow" (sort of like bow-wow) We think he's sort of saying bottle.
  • Airplanes and helicopters are still "cacas"

And then there are all the real words. Every day it's something new and even though he's not as talkative as some other kids he is extremely communicative. Now he's surprising us by thowing in some German words even though Su always feels like she doesn't speak to him enough in German. Believe me, if something is too hot to eat, it's "heiss".

Happy birthday little Daniel. You make us both so happy and proud. Kisses! Love, your moms.


Casey said...

Aww, happy birthday Kid! It's amazing how much their vocabulary will explode from this point forward...

Stimey said...

Happy Birthday to him!!! And congratulations to the two of you on raising such a cool kid!

Erin said...

Happy Birthday, Danny!!

Jenni said...

Happy birthday, Big D! We love you!

Jenni, Nelson, Oscar, & Miles

Jenn said...

Happy Birthday, Danny! I can't believe that you are 2 already. May the terrible twos be not so terrible. {hugs}

1invermillion said...

Happy birthday Danny!