Monday, May 11, 2009

Newspaper reading--a participatory sport

It was bound to happen. I grew up in a family where reading the paper at the breakfast table was a way of life. You know, stuff like "Oh My Gosh! Can you believe what this (fill in the blank) just wrote about (fill in the blank)?

Su is a more quiet reader, but it looks like our little Danny is going to hold his own just fine. This morning he grabbed the front page away from me and proceeded to "explain" what he thought of a picture of cars and people on bicycles. As you can see he is quite opinionated about everything. (He also liked the pics of the space shuttle.)

I may have to make sure he only sees the "Kid's Post" section and the funnies from now on. There was more than one picture this morning I needed to quickly cover up as he turned the pages. But I'm thrilled to see he likes the paper. Let's hope we still have papers to read in the years to come. -Monica

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