Tuesday, May 05, 2009

A very nice weekend indeed

This weekend we had a great time. Danny's little friend Bailey turned two and her parents had a party at a place called My Gym. Happy Birthday sweetie--thanks for inviting us to your wonderful party! Danny had so much fun!

Anyway, while there, we were fascinated to see that his main interest was in grabbing a little basketball and trying over and over again to toss overhand into the child-sized basket. We can't quite figure out where he learned about basketball, but I must say I'm pretty excited about this development. I've played and coached my share of this fine sport, and can't wait to teach him how to pick and roll, shoot jumpshots and maybe play a little defense (that's the part I never really excelled at. ;-)

Oh, and this weekend we also learned an amazing bit of trivia about a miracle fruit. The miracle fruit plant (Synsepalum dulcificum) produces berries that, when eaten, cause sour foods (such as lemons and limes) consumed later to taste sweet.

Wow. I guess there are all kinds of cool potential applications of this fruit, particularly making awful tasting medicine better.

And I can't quite wrap my brain around how to capitalize on this part, but you see, Danny loves bitter and sour stuff. I don't think they taste bad to him. Honestly he will beg and plead until you give him your lime or lemon from your water glass in a restaurant. He'd eat the rind too if we'd let him.

As it is, we don't like to give him too many acidic things because we worry that it could damage his teeth, but gee, isn't there some way that we could take advantage of this? Miracle fruit. Miracle boy? Suggestions welcome.

Here's a pic of our little guy at around age 7 months after he "talked" us into giving him a pickle while out to eat. See what I mean? Is this the face of a sourpuss? I think not! -Monica

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