Wednesday, September 09, 2009

A Curiosity

So this week I celebrated the 24th anniversary of my 25th birthday. Pretty cool huh? For those of you not accustomed to such wacky math, this means I turned 49. But a cool 49, not an ancient 49. Or so I like to think.

Anyway, I got to thinking about how long it has taken me to figure out some things in life. Oh I'm not talking about serious things like love, and faith and all that. I'm talking about Curious George.

When I was a kid I thought he was hilarious. "Oh George"! What a cutie. But now that I read the same stories to my son I find myself realizing that there is a recurring theme. George messes something up, but then somehow whatever he did turns out to be this great thing, and then everybody congratulates and thanks him.

Is this how I want Danny to see the world? Worse yet, is this how I move through the world? Oh geez. I think it may be. Scary.

Aw what the heck. I still think he's hilarious and even more importantly, Danny does too! Have a great day everybody. -Monica


Jenni said...

happy birthday!!

Casey said...

Happy belated! George is a good little monkey but always very curious. He's a troublemaker, isn't he? I've noticed that most cartoon characters are...