Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Names, names, everywhere

Oh, if only it were true that we had our baby names picked out. Sure we have a great girls name in mind that we both love, but a boys name? Even though I have a serious number one pick for a boy, the vote is not unanimous (yet).

And it has to be a vote of 2-0 you see.

Here are our requirements. Potential names have to sound good in both German and Spanish (Su's family is German and Su and I both speak Spanish) and also, it has to not be an awful name.

I have found that there are many awful names out there.

And it doesn't help that what were once perfectly acceptable names are forever tarnished now (think Elmo and Bart and Barney). Well, actually all of those names are a bit awful too. See what I mean?

We really liked Daniel, and it fit all of our criteria for our first child, but we don't want to go all "George Formany" on a second boy, so we can't name him Daniel too.

Woe is me. Susanne is, as is typical, very serene about it all. I on the other hand? Not so serene. I see names everywhere. I don't mean to, but I scour the obituaries. The OBITUARIES people! And when movies end and they scroll through a hundred names I say them all to see if one will ring true. Nothing. Newspaper articles, books, blogs, baby name site etc...any and everything can be a desperate possible source of inspiration for me, but so far nothing is.

I'm still working on moving the voting on my number one choice over to unanimous. I've even enlisted Danny's help. I have him saying "baby "insert my favorite name here". Okay, he actually says my favorite name after the word "baby."

But I digress. Suggestions for a good name are welcome. And just so you know, it has to go with one of those Irishy last names such as O'Something, or Fitzsomething or McSomething. Have at it friends! -M


Strawberry said...

Friends of mine, who do not live in this area, just named their son Wesley. I really like that one, and it goes nicely with Daniel ;-) Dan & Wes? Ok, I also like Nathan, James, Patrick and Marcus. All names with good nicknames, too.

Jenni said...

did you know that we didn't pick out Miles name until I was 38 weeks pregnant, when we finally found out the sex?

I think you should go with another classic name, like James or Henry or William (Danny and Will, how sweet!). Although, you know I like your first choice - it was a contenter for Mr. Miles.

Laura Brown said...

So happy for you both. Here are some of my friends' sons' names (so I won't use them if I ever have a son but am happy to share): Matthew, Mateo, Will(iam), Walt(er), Dash(iell), Eli(jah), Benjamin, Henry, Alex, Brady. Good luck! -Laura

nutella said...

I think Edward, Henry, and William fit your critera and all would follow Daniel nicely.

Stimey said...

We ran out of boy names after our first. Fortunately we came up with a couple that we liked, including Quinn, which we also liked for a girl. AND, incidentally, which would work very well with an Irishy last name. Hmmmmm? Hmmmmmm?

Also, do you know that Swistle has a baby names site, where these exact kinds of dilemmas can be solved by the interwebs?

Melissa Boyes said...

"George" would sound fantastic with the last name, and the German and Spanish versions are lovely, too (same thing with Charles). xoxo

Melissa Boyes said...

I forgot to add Christian!

elizabeth said...

I have a good friend Henry who goes by the name Hal. I really like that.

Boys names are really difficult to choose. The classics are always safe. My grandfather was German and his name was Wilhelm. He went by William in America.

My personal favorites for a boy are Will, Reed, Calvin, Timothy, Paul, and Joe.
Alexander (Zander or Alex for short) is good too as are Sam or Charlie.
Mick is a very popular name here in Australia.
But then again, so is Lachlan and Hamish...
Gavin is nice for it's Irishness...

How is the pregnancy by the way? I am thinking of you both even though I don't often write.

Love to you and Suzanne and Danny.

Happy choosing.