Monday, September 14, 2009


Yesterday at church we reached the part of the Lutheran service where we offer each other the sign of peace and Danny completely charmed us by, for the first time ever, shaking hands with someone and saying in the sweetest voice "Peas"! The woman he reached out to was new to our church and standing all alone in front of us. It was just perfect.

Sure he'd been watching us do this every Sunday since he was a little baby, but it was so unexpected. Su and I both explained to the woman that this was the first time he'd ever offered the sign of peace to anyone and she was so touched. I swear she smiled the rest of the service.

When I was a teacher years ago at a Catholic School I remember having a discussion with some 9th graders about their favorite part of the Mass. Mostly the conversation was met with grimaces and groans along the lines of "you're kidding right?" as the kids imagined late Sunday mornings sleeping in instead of being at church.

But one quiet girl told us that her favorite part of the Mass was shaking hands for the sign of peace. When prompted to tell us more about why, I remember her saying "well, for some people it's the only time any one touches them at all."

I was so moved by her comment. I also had gotten to know her mother, and to me it was clear as day that Laura's sincere view of the gift of offering peace came from the strong faith that she absorbed from her mom and family.

I only hope that Su and I as parents can be that kind of light to our son and his little brother or sister to come.

Danny loved all the praise he got for offering his simple gesture of peace. I think he's going to look forward to this part of service from now on. I know his new friend who sits in front of us will too.

Happy Day everybody. -Monica


Jenni said...

Danny is such a sweet boy, and thank you for sharing that story from your teaching days.

Prissy said...

I teared up reading that story! Thank you for sharing it! Hugs to you, Susanne, Danny, and new baby to be!