Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Don't blame us

You know how certain right wing zealots are always claiming that the "homosexual agenda" is to convert others to becoming gay too? It's just so ridiculous. Really.

But here's why I bring it up. You see, yesterday afternoon Su and had to go to a medical appt. and before I dropped her back at work we swung into our local McD*nalds to get a bite to eat. Happy Meals actually made the most sense to us since we were going out to dinner later and didn't want to eat too much. At the drive through window I ordered our food and the clerk asked "boy or girl". I guess we haven't ordered many Happy Meals because I didn't even remember that they asked for gender preference. So, since you know, we have a boy at home, we asked for them both to be "boy" Happy Meals.

Look what we got! Now we don't mind Danny playing with whatever he wants to, but pink bracelets and a compact mirror with a princess? It's all got us wondering if perhaps it's McD*onalds that has the "agenda". -M

 P.S. Do you think they could just come up with gender neutral toy choices? I suppose that would be too logical eh?


Casey said...

Ha, I don't even let my daughter play with princess stuff! McD's surely has it out for you.

You're right, they should have gender neutral toys. Oh, and don't get me started on my little girl's toys rant... I get so pissed when I see pink irons and pink vacuums and kitchen sets.. like they toy makers want all of these little girls to grow up to "obey their men". Ok, I might be looking into it a little too much.

Have a great day!

nutella said...

Haha! Love the toy choice! I'm sure some parent out there is thrilled that her daughter got a matchbox car. I know I would be.

JennyMac said...

McDs...need to rethink the toys a bit I'd say. I didnt even play with that stuff when I was little. Too pink and girly. LOL.

elizabeth said...

What the heck is McDonald's thinking???
Seriously, girl and boy gender specific toys?

I'm in shock I guess.

Maybe the pink bracelets and compact are better for Danny. You never know, the boy kit could have contained a plastic gun and a pair of handcuffs.