Friday, September 18, 2009


Seriously. Where have all the mailboxes gone? Yesterday I walked for several blocks downtown, certain that there had to be one of my little blue friends somewhere. But no.

I think there are several reasons why they are disappearing. First of all after Sept. 11th, the mailboxes near the area where I work a few blocks from the White House were removed for security purposes. Same reason trash cans and newspaper machines began disappearing.

Then of course, many people started using snail mail less and less as bills got paid online and e-mail greetings and social networking sites began to replace actual cards for many (If you care enough to send the very least, send an e-card right? ;-)

So the postal service hasn't needed as many drop boxes as before. We still have 2 mailboxes which I pass on my way downtown so I'd never really realized the dearth of boxes near work til yesterday.

I wonder what the fate of the postal service will be? It's an interesting business model that for less than a buck I can send a letter all the way to Hawaii or just down the block. Maybe this model will not stand the test of time? I'm sure this is serious cause for debate.

On a related postal note, I read that the postal service decided to get rid of all the clocks in post offices. It served two purposes. They saved tons of money on batteries, and people in line were apparently a little calmer because they couldn't see the time ticking away as they waited their turn on line. Hmmmm??? Maybe that's a whole other issue.

Still. Nothing beats the sight of a handwritten card in your mailbox right? For this reason alone I hope we always have the mail -Monica

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Casey said...

I haven't gotten a hand written letter in years and you're right.. nothing beats it. When my kids are old enough, I want them to send their grandparents letters the old fashioned way like I did! And then we can call them on Skype.