Monday, September 21, 2009

Oh, the name drama (continues)

Happy Monday everybody. We just wanted to thank everyone so much for the wonderful name suggestions for a boy you’ve been throwing our way. I can’t say that we’ve said “eureka” to anything, but we are definitely thinking about some names that hadn’t crossed our minds yet.

I think it also has helped us realized that we have more "requirements" than we thought. For example, we like all the variations of Daniel. Danny, Dan…you get it. For some other names we might like the longer name but not be big fans of the typical nicknames. Like Edward comes to mind. I like Edward, but not such a big fan of Eddy or Ed.

And also the German/Spanish spin. The names George and William both sound really great in Spanish (Jorge and Georg) and German (Guillermo and Wilhelm or Wilfredo) but the names in English don’t really appeal to us.
Oh, and I thought Dashiell sounded really cool until we thought of two boys named Dan and Dash. It was just a little too…too…I don’t know? Like Dine and Dash? Like a Reindeer convention? Nope. We can’t do it.

So the games continue! By the way, Stimey mentioned in a comment an awesome Baby Names site that another favorite blogger of ours runs called Swistle Baby Names. Yes, we love it, and if we get closer to the date without a name we’ll probably write to her for help. But all the tools and ideas she has are very cool.

Anyway, I also wanted to report that Danny seems to be really getting into this “baby thing”. For example, today his nana (Su’s mom) will be coming for a short visit. So we were asking him, “Danny, guess who’s coming today who you love just as much as you love mommy and mama?” His guess? “Baby?” It was SO cute. But then when we reminded him that it was nana, he whooped and cheered. Very cute too.

Last week at his haircut, Su was chatting with a woman with an infant and Danny informed the lady that he had a baby too. He proceeded to try and lift up Su’s shirt for a little show and tell which was pretty funny. But clearly he’s making the connection. Hasta la vista babies! -Monica


Casey said...

It's so tough to narrow down the baby names but I know you'll do great. Just go through the gamut of potential teasing... like we forgot to do. Hopefully nobody calls Elliot Smelliot. ;)

Stimey said...

It's all so much more complicated when the name has to go with the sibling's name. I laughed really hard about the Dan and Dash thing, but I love Dashiell too.