Thursday, August 10, 2006


Is my Susanne wonderful or what? (See previous post!) And if you think that the sunflower art that she did was pretty cool, you should have seen the amazing card she made for me. Sometimes I just can't believe how multi-talented my wife is. I'll admit it. When she gave it to me I started to cry (well she did too!) For a woman of many fewer words than me, Susanne sure knows how to use them well. I love you sweetie pie!

We had a very fun anniversary day--brunch with our good friends Rachel and Jeff and then shopping along 14th Street for the big "dog days of summer" sale. Then we went to Hechts and in search of the perfect rug and found it! Even better, it was on sale for 75% off because Hechts was bought out by Macy's and they are clearing their inventory. The rug captured all of the colors of our art and furniture and we couldn't be more pleased.

Then we went for a romantic dinner at a place called Indigo Landing along the GW Parkway near National Airport. It's on the Potomac and I wanted to surprise Susanne with a clever restaurant choice. It was nice except for that our server was HORRIBLE! He sort of came by once, took our order and let's just say we still don't know where that guy is (even now 4 days later)! Honestly the guy was no where to be found! I was already done eating my crabcake (delicious) when he finally showed up again, and although he eventually comped our wine, it was really not a great experience. But it's certainly one anniversary we'll remember. As always, Susanne was the most beautiful woman in the room. She's very consistent that way ;-) -Monica

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