Tuesday, August 22, 2006

A tale of weekend construction

Greetings. It's lunchtime Tuesday and I'm just about ready to head over to my normal lunch spot to get myself some nutritious food. I ended up having quite the bad diet weekend and am still paying for it. I think I read somewhere that it's important to forgive ones self when one falls off of the "diet" wagon. Easier said than done.

Susanne is feeling pretty much the same as she always does, so we do not have any magical nor mystical signs that the insemination might have worked. We'll still have to wait another 10 days or so to learn more and that's okay. We've both been diving back into books we purchased a while ago on conception etc...which is pretty understandable.

Su's dad came by this weekend to help us with our basement remodeling. Lots of scraping, measuring, hammering etc... By the end of the weekend my back was killing me. Of course ironically my back was killing me not because of the afore-mentioned activities which were mainly done by Su and her dad--my injury was most likely caused by slouching in a camping chair that we have set up in the basement while our couch is packed away elsewhere. You see, my role was to jump up and get the real workers whatever they needed--tools, beverages, safety goggles--you get the picture. The rest of the time I was engrossed in TLC and the Discovery Channel in a rather supine pronated position (don't ask--we have really cheap camping chairs). I will however, take credit for the new little hinged door that now covers our water shut off valve. After I found the wood and (with help) measured it properly, and (with help) sawed it perfectly, and (with help) identified the proper screws that wouldn't go too deep, voila--the door was done!

So my back is still hurting me and I sort of walk like Frankenstein. It's not really a good look for me. The basement is really coming along though which is very exciting. We'll post some pictures of it soon. Alrighty then. I'm off to have a lunch that won't stick to my ribs (or abdomen). Wish me luck! -Monica

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