Sunday, August 27, 2006

To blog or not to blog...

We've had a good weekend so far. Working on the basement (our fireplace is really coming along) and seeing some fun friends at a little strawberry shortcake extravaganza yesterday. It was DELICIOUS I might add.

So after our sweet treat, we went to a fun get together with friends I've had for years. We all served in the Peace Corps together, and in fact last night we were starting to plan our 20th reunion. Anyway somehow the mention of the word blog came up and one friend asked everyone "who has time to read blogs?" Another one asked "what's a blog again?" Then basically for a few minutes everyone sort of ragged on bloggers, blog readers and concept of blogging in general.

I didn't really say too much, but I was interested because I personally do like to read a few blogs. I always prefer the ones of people I know because I like feeling connected. But I read a blog written by a gay guy in NY that is wonderful. I think he is a great writer and comes up with really interesting things to blog about just about every day. I read one called Dooce that is written by a woman named Heather. It's a bit about the minutia of everyday life raising her kid, but she's funny (I can't believe some of the stuff she comes up with.) Our neighbor down the street has a blog and sometimes I actually learn about stuff happening in our neighborhood by just reading his blog. Another friend had let me know that her college friend was diagnosed with cancer in the spring. So I follow her friend's blog where she writes about her treatment and her feelings. I imagine writing the blog is therapeutic for her, and I know that reading her blog inspires me and helps me continue to send positive thoughts her way. Again, I think blogs are about connection (even if you don't know the person.)

I remember once reading that most people read Dear Abby not to hear how she answers questions, but because everyone loves learning that others have the same issues/problems that they do. Knowing that one is not alone is very powerful.

And, no matter what job I had, I think if I worked with a computer with internet access I'd always find a few minutes each day to read blogs. How long does it take to read a blog entry? An average of 1 minute perhaps? I remember reading a book once called "Orbiting the Giant Hairball". The guy who wrote it says that we all need time to take stuff in, rather than just producing all the time. We lose our creativity so easily when we must produce, produce, produce. Cows will actually produce more milk for you if you'll just let them take a little time to chew on grass and relax rather than trying to milk them 24/7. I can identify with that. My work style is such that I can have 5 different projects open on my desk at the same time, and if I can step away from one of them for a bit, I come back to it refreshed and much more able to improve it.

So I look at blogging, reading blogs ways to help me use all sides of my brain and keep my creative juices flowing. But blogging takes time too. And when I don't blog very often I sort of feel guilty. I like the nourishment I feel from reading other people's words and I hope that I can do the same for them.

Anyway, those are my thoughts on blogging. I'm off now to partake in another delight--I'm going to read the Sunday paper with my sweetie, cover to cover! -Ciao. -Monica

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