Tuesday, August 15, 2006

The daily grind...

Greetings! My lovely wife Susanne set up a free web tracking tool this weekend for this site, and gosh have we been having fun! For example, we can log in and see that my oldest sister, and our friends Andres and Erin have all checked out our blog recently. It's very fun. Of course, sometimes the "path" that websites take make it hard to figure out who has visited. Our friend Mikki told us Saturday that she'd read our blog and we then figured out that her internet service routes her through a midwestern city. Very interesting. And then of course whenever one posts to blogger.com your website gets added to a running list that anyone out in cyberspace could click on. So our first two hits once we set this up were from Norway and San Diego. Very interesting!

Let's see? What else is new? Work is busy for both of us. Our neighbor who works for CARE and who has been in Lebanon the past 3 weeks is due to return tomorrow which is fantastic news. We really hope and pray that this war (and all wars) stop and stay stopped.

What else...I've been having some success with my first ever attempt at Weight Watchers. I've gone from one hundred and something to one hundred and something less! About 8 pounds off in 5 weeks which I'm very happy about.

Not much else to report right now. Our cats still love our new furniture (particularly the arms of our recliner) and so we've been practicing nicely squirting them with a small water bottle when they start their claw-extended stretching. Alrighty then. Back to the old grind. I wonder if you start a new job if you get to call it the "new grind" for a period of time? Have a great day everyone (where every you're logging in from!) -Monica

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