Saturday, August 05, 2006

She is my sunshine!

This is my sunflower art. Probably not exactly what Monica had in mind when she wrote that we'd be posting pictures of our sunflowers... Every once in a while I like to to try to get a little creative, I guess.

Tomorrow is our first wedding anniversary, and it has been a fabulous year! Actually, it has been three fabulous years -- it is also our third hug-a-versary which is immediately followed by our third kiss-a-versary (and no, that doesn't mean that we've kissed 3 times!). Fabulous is quite an understatement really, but, as you may know, I like to leave most of the words to Monica.

Ok, let me try... imagine you are standing in the middle of an enormously large field of sunflowers (and the temperature is perfect and there isn't a single bug to bother you) and instead of all of the sunflowers facing the same direction towards the sun they are all facing towards you in the middle of the field and all you can see is the giant, bright sunny faces of a billion sunflowers against the deep blue, cloudless sky and each and every super yellow sunflower you see fills you to the very brim with happiness simultaneously. That is how wonderful it is to be with Monica!

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