Thursday, August 31, 2006

Still waiting...

As you may recall, we posted about two weeks ago about how we had just done our first attempt at artificial insemination. It's been an interesting two weeks. There is definitely a sense of hope and yet there is also definitely a sense of "if it's meant to be" this time, it will be. If not, it won't. We should know in a few days whether or not Su is pregnant, but I'm pretty much at peace with the idea that this was not the time. (In my defense I am my mother's child and absorbed at an early age that pessimism is the best defense against disappointment.) I digress. Anyway, we had a really interesting conversation with some of our already pregnant friends recently about the utility and value of telling the whole world anyway that you're indeed pregnant so very early on.

Interestingly many women who are not particulary paying attention to their bodies actually get pregnant but never know it. Conception occured, but it didn't stick. So they just get their periods as expected and they are none the wiser. So logically if and when we do find out we are pregnant you'd think we'd hold off in telling anyone until much later. Right?

Like when we could hear the heartbeat or something. Hmmm...we could be---mysterious. That's one thing I've never been accused of before!

Have a great long weekend y'all. We'll keep you posted. (Or will we ;-) -Monica

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