Thursday, August 17, 2006

A word is worth how many pictures?

So I’m wondering…is blogging a gift? Some people just seem to naturally come up with interesting things to write all the time, while other just seem so, so, what is the word? Uninspired? I think I’m that way. There is tons going on, but when I think about writing about it all I just feel sort of overwhelmed. For example, I could write all about our ongoing neighborhood protest against the new coffee shop trying to get a liquor license that would let them be open til 2 or 3 am every night. We (about 8 neighbors) even trooped downtown to DC Alcohol and Beverage Regulatory Agency yesterday to voice our protest at a local “roll call” hearing. It was fascinating, but do I want to write a bunch about it? Not really (although we’ve now been directed to work out a voluntary agreement which is what we were doing anyway.)

Hmmm… I was just thinking about the word “uninspired” that I used in the first paragraph. There must be something in that word that has to do with spirit or breath. Don’t you just love words? Like evangelize. I don’t like the thought of evangelizing, but I like that the word “angel” is in the middle of it. I sometimes think of a song I know about “angels unaware.” It’s basically reminding us that we should always see the holy in those we meet because “whatsoever you do to the least of my brother you do unto me.” I’ve always liked that concept. I just think that maybe we should switch it around and try to be “angels aware” to those who we love. Just try to be a blessing to at least one person every day. I like to think I do this, but I don’t always succeed. But then I just try again, so I guess my intention is the important thing here. I like it when people pray for me or bless me and I definitely like to do the same for others. Amen, end of sermon! ;-)

Anyway, what is my favorite word? I guess it would have to be “murmur”. It’s just sort of perfect right? So now since I have to finish up some work I’m going to murmur a soft goodbye…. goodbye…. -Monica

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