Friday, August 18, 2006

The clock starts ticking----now!

Well what unexpected fun we had this morning! We'd been wondering when the magical day would arrive this month (you know, when the moon would be in the 7th house and Jupiter would align with Mars etc...). Anyway, today turned out to be our day!

So to make a long story short, there is a small window of opportunity each month when a woman is really at her peak fertility point. If some "little swimmer" can just get where it is supposed to be, then PRESTO -- 9 months later--well, you get the picture. For those of us who happen to be in sperm-free situations (yes, as lesbians, we are in that category) the next best option is to identify and acquire some sperm. (Does that sound like governmenteze?) So we arranged a few months ago to buy and store the sperm of a donor who met our requirements (oh dear, that definitely sounds like governmenteze) and have just been in a bit of a holding pattern until now.

Anyway, although we thought we had a few more days to wait, our technology told us otherwise. So at 9:45 this morning, Susanne and I chatted for a few minutes with our fertility doctor while he introduced the sperm we'd "adopted" from a sperm bank to Susanne's hopefully receptive self.

Several of our friends have gone through this same process so we sort of knew what to expect, but like most things, you don't really know what it's like until you experience it for yourselves! I guess I just can't explain it well except to say that it is really very special and powerful to make a plan and then take the steps you need to do to bring a child into the world. We can't control what the future holds, but today we got to experience something really sweet and exciting that I know we'll never forget. I was thinking today about how earlier this year we got to see the Southern Cross while visiting Peru. It was a crystal clear night in Aguas Caliente, and Susanne looked up and in the millions of stars saw what I couldn't understand at first. A local gentleman confirmed her hunch. We were seeing the Southern Cross! When she showed me I was so happy! I was thinking about this today for some reason. Susanne always sees the things I can't grasp. She's amazing that way.

Anyway, back to this morning. Susanne had read in the "News of the Weird" (and posted last month) about some study that showed that women were more likely to conceive if a clown humored them immediately after insemination. (The key word above is weird!") Nevertheless, I did try my best to make my sweetie laugh. Susanne (intelligent woman she is!) quickly vetoed my first attempt to use my favorite old standby "why did the cookie go to the hospital? -- it felt crummy!" joke (that was always my niece's favorite!) So I came up with my own. "Why did the pastry wash itself with dandruff shampoo? -- it felt flaky!" I'm not sure if she'll admit it, but Susanne did laugh. Of course she laughs at almost all of my nutty attempts at humor! She's the best!

Well, wish us luck. I'll try not to be anxious or nervous or anything (wait, I can hear her laughing at me from all the way across town!) We'll know if this works out in a couple of weeks. I wish that clock would tick faster!!! All for now. -Monica

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