Friday, October 13, 2006

Looking forward to the weekend...

Su and I excited about the fact that by the time this weekend is over, our carpeting will be completely installed and our new firplace will be grouted. (I manage to make it sound like some little fairies will be flying in.) Actually the carpet installer will take care of that part and Su and our neighbor Norman will address the grout issue. (I will of course hover nearby getting refreshments and fetching tools etc...) We got some cool slate which we cut and installed over the past few weeks and it looks really great. The room is almost done. This project has gone on for quite a while but it's been worth it. When we cuddled on the couch watching TV the other night it just felt perfect. We promise photos soon.

I'm very relieved and happy to report that my mom came home from the hospital yesterday, and although she is weak she seems to be doing better. Thank God. I slept for almost 13 hours last night which is quite remarkable. I knew I was weary, I just didn't know how weary I was. It felt good to rest.

We are looking forward to this weekend. We got some free tickets for a Washington Caps game and will be hanging out with our dear friends Emily and Zach there. Then Sunday a delightful meeting of the "Mamas" (and future mama's to be?) It will be great to see I&A and M&K. Alrighty then. Time to remove myself from this workstation and head home. That's where my heart is. Hasta la vista babies! -Monica

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