Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Ta da!

We've blogged again! I think we should get some kudos for this. It appears we've been blessed with friends who are far more prolific, succinct and thoughtful than we are. Their blogs (yes you, O and M&K) are wonderful bloggers. We are just sorta, kinda mediocre.

Which doesn't mean we don't have lots going on. We try not to be "human doings" since being "human beings" seems so much more relaxing, but we still end up being very busy. And even though I thought that my with my big conference/summit finally taking place a week ago would relieve all my stress, I was wrong.

As I posted earlier, my dear Aunt Ann passed away Friday and today my mom ended up in the hospital with what could be an infection or some sort of intestinal problem. This is of course compounded very much by the stress and grief of losing Ann. I am a hospice volunteer and I know that grieving is hard work. You have to take care of yourself and eat well and everything because your body and mind are using tons of energy just to stay okay. We are all grieving. And with me being in DC while the rest of the family is in MN has been hard. She's on IV antibiotics and fluids which is a relief to me. If she ends up having surgery of any sort I'll be on the next plane out. But until then, there's not much to do but pray.

When I reached my brother Paul to let him know what had happened so he could head to the hospital, he called me back an hour later to reassure me, but also let me know that it was not very cool to be back in the same exact building where our dad lay dying in 2002. That was a very difficult time for all of us. Mom's going to be just fine is the word according to my siblings but it's still worrisome. Also, Su and I were scheduled to go to MN in 2 weeks to visit anyway but we just found out that there will be a memorial mass for my aunt in NY. So it looks like everyone is going to be coming east. I just want to see everyone, especially my mom right now.

Enough about my worries. Su is doing just fine. Not a bit of sickness YET. We are hopeful this will continue but she says she is prepared for whatever comes. All I know is that she isn't tired at all and our weekend projects continue without ceasing. Our basement looks FABULOUS by the way.

Alrighty then. Time to take care of some other stuff. I'll close with the title I saw on a cinema marquee once. It said "My Mother Wove the Morning". Cool huh? Until next time. -Monica

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