Thursday, October 05, 2006

You've been waiting...

Ok, it's REALLY REALLY REALLY early to be posting this, but the silence was deafening, wasn't it?


(sorry Monica, I'm beating you to this post)
Yes, it's true. I had been SOOO pessimistic this time around. And we had both been remarkably un-anxious about finding out and were able to wait to test the full two weeks. So Tuesday morning we got up and peed on the stick. I was looking at the thing with great skepticism even after Monica started jumping up and down. Ok, I guess it was really there:


Monica hasn't been that giddy since our wedding day. When she gets giddy it is SOOO cute. She gets all smiley and giggly and shrugs her shoulders and it is so cute!

So, we called the Dr's office with the good news and arranged to go in for a blood test on my way to work. Shortly before 2 pm I just missed the second of two calls on my cell. While I tried to call back my desk phone rang and there was C from the Dr's office, "Where have you been!?!" She was obviously excited to give me the news, too. Not only were we really prognant, but the blood test numbers were good. We went back to test again today -- and again, the numbers are looking good!

So like I said, it's REALLY REALLY early... but it's REALLY REALLY GREAT!

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