Thursday, October 12, 2006

Meanwhile, back in blog landia...

Well our ever helpful cat Harley has finally decided to go in seach of food or something which means he has left the keyboard for now. That's perfecly fine with me. Unfortunately he's starting to believe that his real name is "No Harley, NO!" He just doesn't realize how melting his body slowly down on the keyboard with a contented yawn can cause me big troubles.

Well let's see what's new? Su is doing great. So far so good on the morning sickness thing. On Monday we'll have our first ultrasound. I'm becoming pretty convinced we are having twins, but then again, I was also convinced that we were not pregnant this time at all. Why do I think we are having twins when there is absolutely no history of this? Um...I just FEEL like it might be true. And maybe I have experienced some signs. I'm not really much into signs, but once in a while yes. If I'm right about this I'll be happy to share my signs. And if I'm wrong, no harm, no foul.

I've continued to be very, very weary. The good news is that my mom came out of the hospital today. She sounded MUCH better today on the phone and I can't wait to see her next week when we go in for a family birthday party. If mom's strong enough she'll come east to go to her sister's memorial mass. I'm just not too sure she'll be able to do that, but I think that will be okay. My aunt's passing and mom's sudden illness have really been weighing heavily on me. I'm rather prone to anxiety and try and manage it, but sometimes I just get a bone weariness that I can't shake for a while. (Sound familiar dear sister M?) Such is life. I'm waiting now for Su to come home--my favorite part of the day. Tonight we have NOTHING, and I mean NOTHING planned. Amen to that I say. I hear once you have kids that sort of never happens again. ;-) Here's to a night of pure and unadulterated laziness. Ciao! -Monica

P.S. M&K we look forward to seeing you this weekend. O, we hope you have a most wonderful and peaceful time this weekend. Sounds like it could be pretty magical!

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