Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Magical, magical thinking...

Seems I’m rather omnipotent. Remember how I rather offhandedly commented that we were feeling pretty happy about Su's lack of morning sickness, and how we'd hoped the dreaded “headaches” would not become a problem? Well apparently the day I wrote that blog entry the headache came back (and is still with Su) and believe me, it's been a problem.

So since I have some magical mystery ability to cause things to happen, I'd like you to imagine Su and I holding hands in lovely spring meadow while bluebirds sing and butterflies dazzle us with their beauty.

Oh, oh, better yet, we are drowsily napping on a warm window seat on a perfect autumn day--the lingering warm rays of the sun make us sort of melt like a soft candle.

Oh, I’ve got it. The first cold winds of winter have descended on us and it’s a SNOWDAY! We are cuddled up on our couch in front of a soothing fire with cups of hot cocoa and each other.

If my magic is really good then we should feel nothing but calmness and joy for the next 8 months. Right? Love you sweetie. Hope you feel better soon. -Mo

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