Monday, October 16, 2006

Week 6

Well Susanne continues to feel pretty well and except for the occasional food craving (that usually involves cheese) she's been feeling fine during this first part of her pregnancy. Our fertility doctor actually mentioned that by the end of week 9 most women have gotten over the worst of it so we guess it is possible that she might sneak though these next 3 weeks without incident. Su has had some terrible headaches in the past and her favorite headache medicine is a definite no no for pregnant women. It's been really awful to see her with such pain etched across her face and not be able to do much of anything to help. So far so good though, so we'll keep knocking on all the wood that we see.

I was at Tower Records near my office the other day and they were having a "going out of business sale". I found the cutest little CD with children's music on it including songs by They Might Be Giants and best of all a cute little ditty called Ladybug Picnic. We both really like ladybugs a lot--they signify good luck in Germany. So this cute song is sung by a singer named Elizabeth Mitchell whom I'd never heard of until last week when she was featured on NPR. She sang some fun kid's songs and I remembered thinking that I should try to find a CD of hers or something. When Su and I listened to the music on Saturday she asked me if the Ladybug singer Elizabeth Mitchell was the one we'd heard on NPR. Doh! I'd totally missed it. I just saw that there was a Ladybug song and got the CD. Crazy huh? It's really cool. Now if I could just get a copy of Meryl Streep singing an Irish Lullaby called the Gartar Mother's Lullaby. It's an Irish tune that I learned years ago when she recorded it on an album that was a fundraiser for the Pediatric AIDS Foundation. I'm hoping that my friend Gerri who introduced me to it still has it. She's a music therapist and if anyone has it, she does. She's coming from NY to visit us next month which is going to be awesome!

Alrighty then. Enough blogging for now. I've got to think of some cheesy, well balanced and delicious dinner to make my sweetheart. Hasta luego! -Monica

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MaverickMama said...

I purchased an album of childrens songs by Elizabeth Mitchell. They are all really amazing. Check out "You are my Little Bird" on your favorite book store. She has a couple of others, and I'm almost sure to try to get them as well.