Friday, February 09, 2007

Cat got your being?

This is our boy cat Harley. Susanne got him when he was a little kitten and even though our house has had two new inhabitants for a few years now (that would be little girl cat CJ and me), to Harley, that is irrelevant. He only has eyes for one person. Whenever he hears any sound that maybe, might, possibly be Susanne, I swear an angelic glow begins to emminate from him. He becomes simply rapturous!

Case in point. I’m always up first (because Harley also doubles as an alarm cat and scratches on our door at 6:15 sharp.) At around 7:00 or 7:15 Susanne will start to stir upstairs. Instantly Harley assumes the position. From wherever he is, he’ll raise his face to the heavens (okay up the stairs) and wait in the joyful hope that she’ll make another sound. Now fortunately she always does, so then he bounds up the stairs two at a time. He's so cute when he does that!

Or in the evening Harley will hear with his supercatafragelistic ears the little beep of our car alarm as Su locks the door. Oh the JOY!!!! But I can't fault him. I feel a little rapturous myself when I hear that sound too ;-)

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