Wednesday, February 07, 2007

I guess that's why they call it that...

I think I have the February blues. No reason. I just don’t feel like myself and Susanne can verify that I just get oddly quiet when I feel down. I have been reviewing some of my past work projects for a testing thing I'm doing in the spring, and I find myself shaking my head at how unimportant and dull everything seems in retrospect. Sadly, I know too that if I look back on my current work in a few years I’ll have the same observation. That’s inspiring right?

And don’t you hate it when you check off everything on a long “to do” list and the next day there are just more things to do? As one of my entries in my Little Zen Calendars says “Eternity is a terrible thought. I mean, where’s it going to end?”

I’ve also decided that I’m jealous that Susanne will get to stay home with the baby while I have to go to work. Susanne loves her work. Me not so much. Is this irony? Or some other tragic word?

Speaking of Susanne. She’s had a two day belly growth spurt like I can’t believe! And although I’ve been trying for days to “catch” the baby in the act of moving, last night was my very first time. We were laying down watching TV and Su put my hand on her belly and said that the baby was moving a ton. Sure enough within seconds I felt it. That cheered me up immensely. For a minute or so.

Oh well, in 2 ½ hours I’ll get to go home and be with my sweetie. That always makes me feel better. -Monica

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