Wednesday, February 14, 2007

It's a SNOW DAY (sort of)

Well here in DC it's actually an ICE DAY! Which means very little snow but about 1/2 inch of ice everywhere. Which means a two hour delay for both me and Su.

So, it's not really a snow day but on the bright side I get to work from home today. My only grudge is against the local TV news stations. They've been hyping the "blizzard of 2007" for the past 5 days. Breathless reports of horrible weather coming through. And what's not to believe? Have you seen the tremendous amounts of snow cities to our north have endured for weeks on end? So in my mind both yesterday and today we'd have been completely snowed in. I can dream can't I? So now Su has headed out to work and I'm starting to attack my work e-mails. But I really shouldn't complain. It is Valentine's Day and we have a romantic dinner planned for tonight.

I even made her a "homemade" card on the computer using a picture I took while painting the guest room walls last weekend. Corny right? That's me. A complete cornball. Happy Valentine's Day Susanne. As I wrote in your card, you are my north, my south, my east, my west--and all points in between.

Wishing everyone a wonderful Valentine's Day! -Monica

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