Friday, February 23, 2007


Since I featured Harley last week in a blog entry I thought it only fair to write a bit about CJ. And what better way to introduce our darling baby cat than to reprint a post I did on our old website from just about one year ago. She is a very funny and active cat. We got her when she was about 3 months old on election night of 2004 and believe you me, she was the only good thing about that night. ;-) I present to you....CJ!!!

So the other morning I came downstairs only to find an entire ball of yarn cleverly twisted around every piece of furniture as far as the eye could see. I immediately blamed CJ because of her rambunctious nature, but I guess we really can't rule Harley out.

If only there were a CSI show for cat crimes. Would the DNA from CJ's paw be found woven into the fabric of the battered yarn? Would Harley have a tell tale whisp of fabric stuck to his furry underbelly? If only our yarn could talk! (The photo here by the way is only a re-enactment created in the "paint" program.)

Regardless of which cat actually did the decorating, I have to say that CJ was by far the one most interested in my clean up efforts. Apparently piles of yarn are just as much fun to play with as balls of yarn are.

Of course the real question the feline CSI technicias would ask would be "and so why is your basket of yarn just sitting out in the living room?" -Monica

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