Friday, February 16, 2007

Oh Happy Day!

This morning we got more details on the radiology report from our 20 week ultrasound. It was wonderful to hear that all of the baby’s measurements they could get were exactly as they should be, and the only additional note was that because of the transverse position the baby was in they couldn’t get one view of the heart that they wanted. Our option is to get another ultrasound before our week 28 appt. or do nothing at all. Su and I decided that we’ll go ahead and get another ultrasound but not at the same place where we had Ms. Uncommunicative. We’ll let our new technician know right away that we’d like to know what we are looking at as we go along (except for the sex of the baby of course!)

So all in all, it was a wonderful visit this morning. The baby is measuring a tiny bit bigger than it might which is perfectly normal. All of Su’s numbers were great and the baby’s heart was solid and strong beating away at 150 bpm.

So we are looking forward to the long weekend. Su’s mom is coming to town which will be fun (scrabble anyone? ;-) and some other fun get together with friends are in the works.

We’d like to send out congrats to Their Little Honey’s Moms for getting the great news on their glucose challenge test. And we also send loads of positive energy out to Maverick Mama as she is really in the home stretch now, and getting close to welcoming her son into the world. You go girls!!!! Have a great day everyone! –Monica

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Kelly & Mikki & Our Little Honey said...

If you can, try to get them to refer to these folks: This is the place that we used. It would be a bit of a hike for you to come down to Waldorf, but I promise you that you'll have a GREAT experience. All of our ultrasounds have been amazing (and we've use three different techs).

Either way, I hope that it works out for you two the next time around...

And 150 beats per minute, huh? That's what Bailey's heartbeat is at. I wonder if you have a little girl in the making...

:-) M