Monday, February 12, 2007

Snap, Crackle...

In another fun milestone the other day, our little one decided it was okay to let me join in some of the fun. Su and I were hanging out on our couch when she told me that the baby was moving like crazy. I scooched down and peered at her her belly intent on seeing this. With the attention span of a gnat, I soon abandoned my effort to see, and instead laid my face down just where Su guided me. About a second later I felt this "POP". I looked up in a bit of delighted shock. "Was that the baby?"
"Yup", Su smiled.

I tried it again and the baby popped me a few more times in quick succession. By this time we were both laughing so hard it was impossible to tell what was the baby and what were our own giggles. I think I'd describe this best as what I imagine popcorn popping in a closed pot must be like. Or maybe I'm just hungry ;-)

In home renovation news, I got both rooms painted with two coats each, so it was a pretty productive weekend and the end is ALMOST in sight. Onward and upward! -Monica

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