Monday, February 26, 2007

The "flurry" of 2007

Su and I spent a whole lot of time going though just about every item we own this weekend as we continue our renovation project. She's doing well--a bit of an achy breaky back, but it seems to come and go. Thank goodness for heating pads eh?

We finally have almost all of our books in one place (our new office/guest room) and it’s a great little library if I do say so myself. Our friend Amy is in town from MN this weekend (just beat the midwest blizzard in) and she was like a kid in a candy store with our wall of books. One very funny thing was that after Amy commented on all of our classics and “must reads” I admitted that we mostly read the murder mysteries that our neighbor gives us regularly. As I motioned toward them she said “oh, you’ve got Vince Flynn, he’s one of “our guys”.


“Vince is Katy’s brother, he was a Tommy.” Translated, this means that the writer went to the boys school next to the girls high school where I used to teach (Amy is a former student) and Katy was also a very sweet student who I remember well. What a small world I say. I’m looking forward to starting that book now too!

We are having fun hanging out with Amy. She’s a hoot. And on Saturday we had dinner with friends V&S and much to our delight V is expecting a baby now too. In August. Susanne notes that we now have friends giving birth in February, March, April, May, June, July and now August. We are the friends giving birth in June ;-) (Well, we are very friendly!) Anyway, what fun! We also enjoyed experimenting making vegan key lime pie with our friend Tom this weekend. It actually tastes really good but the consistency was a bit more like soup than he wanted. Still, that's a pretty random thing huh?

Let’s see? What else? We had a flurry that turned into 5 inches of snow yesterday. What good is that I ask on a Sunday? Gosh, I love snow days. But here I am at work watching everything melt out the window (I mean focusing on my work.)

Okey, dokey. Back to work. This Friday we are going on a fun trip for Su’s birthday and we’re considering this our babymoon too. I CAN’T WAIT! -Monica

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