Thursday, March 01, 2007

Another Pregnancy Milestone!

So Susanne had her first experience of a stranger rubbing her belly yesterday. She works at a social services organization where lots of clients come in for different services and a woman who was waiting to get into the medical clinic asked Susanne if she were pregnant.

“As a matter of fact I am” Su smiled.

The woman then rubbed Su’s belly and asked how far along she was. Su admits she was taken by surprise by this unexpected invasion of her abdomen. But the woman's intention was positive so Su felt okay about it. (Although if a man had done the same thing she’s not sure if she would have been so comfortable with it.)

Now back to the belly rubber's question. Su’s initial reaction was to say “25 weeks.” But who talks like that? (Those of us with these pregnancy tickers I think). Quickly she calculated.

“4 ½ months.”

“It’s a girl then!” the stranger proudly announced for all to hear.

Su told me all about this as we were driving to meet friends for dinner. “But honey”, I questioned her “you must be more than 4 ½ months no?”

We thought about the whole 2 week window thing whereby when you are two weeks pregnant you’re actually 4 weeks…it’s all so confusing. So…since the baby is due in early June and it’s now early March, we now think we are closer to being 6 months pregnant.

Hmmmm...we wonder if the fact that Su's farther along than she thought would have made this woman shout “it’s a boy then!” ? ;-)

Another funny thing about the belly rubbing incident is that Su was convinced that when clients finally started noticing she was pregnant she’d actually be asked “are you getting fat?” So this was much better!

Ah…tomorrow Su and I are heading for the hills to go to our favorite B&B. I can feel my blood pressure dropping already. It’s so wonderful. When you go to this place you have a gorgeous cottage all to yourself. The owner lives in a big house up the road a piece and other than that it's just you and Mother Nature. Such an incredibly romantic place with a wood burning fireplace, the sounds of the Shenandoah river outside our window, starry, starry nights, wonderful food and this weekend, a VERY special birthday to celebrate. Ahhhh…this could be the best weekend ever. Me and and the love of my life and our little place kicker. Life doesn't get much better than this. –Monica

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Mermaidgrrrl said...

I must be weird because I don't mind any of the belly rubbing I've received so far! Admittedly it hasn't been total strangers though, but I have been surprised a bit by acquaintances who I wouldn't normally neccesarily touch in a friendly way (eg: hugging) who really love to touch my belly. Odd! I think people just like the feel of new life or something.