Monday, March 05, 2007


Well operation “Celebrate Susanne’s Birthday in Style” was extremely successful. We relaxed, played Scrabble, dozed, read books, were surprised by a Fedex delivery of birthday goodies (you are the best M&K!), rested, cooked a delicious meal, slept some more, watched blue jays, cardinals and red-headed woodpeckers play, went to a rustic local restaurant, curled up in front of a roaring fire and were reminded again of why we fell in love with each other (all of these things in no particular order.)

We ended the weekend with a once in a lifetime treat of dinner at the Inn at Little Washington. If any of you have ever heard of it, you’ll understand why it’s a once in a lifetime treat. I personally had never heard of taking out a mortgage to pay for a dinner for two. (Just kidding—but barely.) It was truly very decadent, and we had a wonderful time. Happy Birthday sweetheart!

Now we are back to the real world and tomorrow will take our first childbirth class. It's a program called Birthworks and we are looking forward to it. The instructor is a lesbian woman who gave birth at the same birth center that we will and we think that bodes well for an affirming experience. We'll also enjoy meeting the others in the class who will be due around the same time we will. Talk about shared experiences eh? Which reminds me...

Special congratutions to Maverick-Mama whose link is on our side bar. Her son was born yesterday and we are very happy for both mom and her new son.

We got a comment from MermaidGrrrl about the "belly rubbing" phenomenon I posted about the other day. We totally agree. Some people just can't seem to help themselves--they just love the feel of new life. To life! -Monica

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