Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Surfing SUH

So last night the baby wasn't just kicking. He/she was dancing with broad sweeping motions--sort of like the waves of the ocean. I, of course, found it fascinating.

Susanne? Fascinated isn't quite the word she'd probably use to describe it--especially when she'd finally found an oh so comfortable position. We are not complaining mind you.

Tonight we go to our Birthworks class again. Should be a very interesting discussion considering that half us us have to find another place to have our babies since our birthing center is closing. What are the odds of a place being open for 25 years but suddenly closing with little notice 11 days before we are due? See, this is why I never bet on anything ;-) Have a great day everyone. Today is 70s and sunny in DC and I can't wait to finish up and get outside. -Monica

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